Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Power port

I'm on my second port. I've had the current one for quite a while. It's under the skin on my upper chest.  It's great for infusion. Easy.  We can't use my left arm for blood draws or infusion and my right arms veins no longer work. So the port is also used for my bi-weekly blood draws.  Usually a nurse draws my blood and I walk it over to the lab. No nurse was available the other day so Dr Phan was going to do the draw. Takes just a minute. But we couldn't get a blood return. Phan moved the needle around but no luck. The damn thing is clogged. Why? Who knows. It might not have been flushed properly after my last infusion. Possible given the turnover and work load of nurses. But I watch every step and it seemed like it was flushed. Anyhow Monday I have to go to radiology for them to try and unclog it. If it can't be unclogged, then I get a new one. It better clear, I love my port. The lesson here?  Myeloma is always full of suprises. This is a new one for me.

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