Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Myeloma Cycle 14 Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of cycle 14 of the current maintenance regimin. Super busy at Dr Phan's office. Lots of new patients. The excitement was a fire drill for the whole building that started while I was waiting in Phan's lobby. Loudest fricking alarm I've ever heard. Must people went outside, even a couple of patients who had already started infusion. A couple of folks stayed inside. Not me. That alarm almost gave me a heart attack. We have these tests every few months at my work.Tries to prepare folks in case there ever was an actual fire. My opinion is that if there is a fire, people's natural inclinations are taking over and it'll be pure chaos.

Once the drill was over, we all went back inside. I talked to Phan. My eyes are super puffy and it looks like I have two black eyes. He attributes it to stress and poor sleep. He might be correct. My sleep is horrible...between having to get up to pee 3 times a night and having way too much going on in my head. Again...chalk it up to the mental challenge of myeloma. We try for normalcy and stress free living, but we also feel like there is a ticking clock in our head. It's a broken record for me. Constantly thinking about what is important for me to live life the right way. But also have to take care of the basics. Work, mortgages, exercise, eating, relationships.  I continue to think about Suleika Jaouads's 100 day road trip with her rescue pup. Sounds awesome!!

May 2 is just a few months away. It will be my 5 year anniversary since my diagnosis. I need to start planning what challenge I'll undertake to commemorate the event. Of course, I'll use it raise funds. A myeloma patient,Stan Wagner, is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in January to raise funds for the MMRF. Very cool. I'd also like to put something in place that will last for years and years. Some kind of non profit. For what I'm not sure. Suggestions accepted.

That's all I got. Snuggling with Gracie right now. Soon we'll walk. Then I go to work.

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