Sunday, November 29, 2015

Everything is coming up 5s

The thing about myeloma is that it is so different for everybody. Different in how it manifests itself. Different in how it reacts to drugs. Just plain old different. I've been fairly lucky. Year one was tough. but since then I've been doing pretty good. Sure there are struggles and concerns, but I'm cruising along in many respects.

Last week I only worked two days, then I had a much anticipated 5 day Thanksgiving weekend. Leslie and I were excited to head out to Palm Springs to spend the holiday with our good friends Matt and Rich, who recently got a vacation home in the desert.

On Tuesday the day before we were to leave, I had a dermatologist visit. I've constantly got a host of skin crap going on thanks to a lowered immune system and the non-stop taking of drugs and steroids. The dermo visit was ok. Also Tuesday, I felt like something was in my left eye all freaking day. When I checked my eye Weds morning, I saw a lot of redness and a sty. I had one about a year ago. The first time, the opthamologist prescribed steroid drops that took care it. This time Leslie called the doctor to ask if I can get a new prescription for the same drops. He said no, that he couldn't prescribe steroids, without seeing me. Are you fucking kidding me? I take a ton of steroids every week, plus a shitload of other drugs. Leslie tried explaining that to the doctor and told him we were leaving town. Instead he prescribed a useless antibiotic drop that has done nothing for my eye. The white head part of the sty is gone, but redness remains, so tomorrow after work it's off to the eye doctor.

This coming Tuesday I start cycle 15 of my latest go round with maintenance chemo; revlimid, dex and velcade. Note that for some folks, this is their regimen. On Weds December 2, it will be 55 months since my diagnosis. It will be 5 months until my 5th year diagnosis anniversary. Also in 2016, I am turning 55. Lastly, the star of today's Vikings game was number 55, Anthony Barr. That's a bunch of 5s right there.

 I skipped Berenson this month. I saw my numbers and they look fine. I'll see him next month.

And that's the report.

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