Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The MMRF Challenge and the College Football Bowl Season

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation is a great organization, that has done so much to further awareness of myeloma and have helped advance treatment options, moving us closer to a cure every day.  Currently the MMRF has a challenge. All donations to the MMRF before the end of this year will be matched by the Dr Elsey Fund to Cure Cancer.  The MMRF's goal is turn $1 million into $2 million before 2014 is over.  #MMRFChallenge

To help this cause and to add excitement to the upcoming college football bowl season, I've created a bowl mania group on ESPN called Tackle Myeloma.  Starting December 20 there will be 39 college bowl games.  The goal of Bowl Mania is to pick the winner of each game and rank them based on your level of  confidence, from 39 to 1.  You get points for each correct pick, with the points reflecting your level of confidence.  It adds some real excitement to the games.  Buy in for this is $20.  And what will happen is that 50% of  money collected for this group will go to the MMRF.  Remember this amount will be matched by the Elseys. 

The other 50% goes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in our Tackle Myeloma group.  So, let's say 100 people join. That's $2,000.  Which gets divided as such:

$1,000 to the MMRF
$600 to 1st place
$300 to 2nd place
$100 to 3rd place.

Sounds like a win, win opportunity.  Here is the link to the bowl mania group.  The group is Tackle Myeloma and the password is myeloma. The  lineup of all bowl games will likely happen December 7.  Thanks and enjoy!!

Tackle Myeloma Bowl Mania

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