Sunday, November 2, 2014

42 Months

42 months since my diagnosis.  It's getting to be a long time.  That's a good thing. Other than my own stupidity with protecting my port, everything is good. This week is maintenance.  Then later this week it's time to do my monthly labs. Given my veins are effectively useless, I'll have to have one of Phan's nurses draw blood from my port and then I'll have to rush to the lab to take the blood. Annoying but that's what you get when you do chemo for 42 months out of one arm.

42 is also John Brockington. He played for the Packers in the early and mid 70s.  he was the first running back in NFL history to open his career with 3 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons.  Back then, 1,000 yards meant something. The season was 14 games and it was a bit more difficult to accomplish. 

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