Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kidneys and More

Recall last month my creatinine went up to 4.9.  Put a bit of a scare in me. The kidneys reflect how the multi myeloma is doing.  At its best several months ago, we had the creatinine number down to 3.2. The lower the better. And that 3.2 was out of failure range.  Last month, I was about to complete my 8th cycle of treanda part deaux, which has done a great job of beating the disease down. But the treanda makes the kidneys work harder and the 8 cycles probably had something to do with the 4.9.

I'm on maintenance now. In the middle of the 1st cycle of maintenance. Velcade, dex, revlimid and medrol. No treanda.  The other day I did basic blood work, using my balky veins. The results are in and the creatinine is back down to 3.79. Good news. Getting a break from treanda was just what I needed.  I've also added a curcumin supplement to my daily regimen.  Curcumin likely helps fight cancer and provides overall physical benefits. And I've gotten serious again about my kidney diet.  Put it all together and we have me out of the failure range again. Phew.  Let's keep it up.

Pat Killingsworth has written about curcumin and I'd suggest going to his website  to read about it.

One last thing, my friend Brad started treanda this week.  He's the second person I know who has tried it.  It's always a little nerve wracking trying something new. But I am confident the treanda will beat his myeloma down.  Nonetheless, let's all send positive wishes and thoughts in Brad's direction. 

And....that does it for today's update.

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