Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Right, My Update

I'm into week one of my two week break from chemo. I feel fricking great.  Physically, don't even know I have myeloma.  Well, aside from collecting my urine for 24 hours and taking 12 pills every morning and giving blood; having to use a small vein in my right arm, because the gusher vein in my right arm is rock solid and refusing to give blood.

Mentally, doing ok I suppose. The usual challenges of making sure I'm living right and not wasting time and being happy and all that. 

Next week Berenson.  We'll decide if it's back to maintenance or more treanda. Frankly, I'm ok with more treanda, if it's working. And I'm a fortunate one, in that I don't get too many side effects. Just the crap roller coaster from dex. But that's unavoidable.

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