Monday, September 15, 2014

Fund Raising and Stuff

A couple of months ago, with Team Goldman, 18 family members, I did the BoulderBolder 10k.  I used it to raise funds for Berenson's non-profit myeloma research institute.  As I approach my 53rd birthday, yes 53, I'm trying to figure out what I can do between my 53rd and 54th birthday to 1) raise funds for myeloma research and 2) pushes me to do something that isn't necessarily in my wheel house. I must keep things interesting to stay steps ahead of the myeloma.  But I'm also having a real internal debate on what organization to raise money for.  There is Berenson's non-profit. There is the MMRF and IMF, both important organizations.  Last year, I formed a blood cancer March Madness bracket pool that raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Right now, along with one of my myeloma mentors, Brad, I'm in a fantasy football league that is also raising money for the LLS. Note that the LLS provides support for all blood cancers. Also note that Brad has raised tens and tens of thousands of dollars for the MMRF via the BradStrong Golf Tournament which he created, while dealing with his cancer. 

Side bar: I'll take suggestions on what I ought to do in the coming year. 

We're all familiar with the recent Ice Bucket Challenge. I didn't get it at first. But then I understood it and am in awe of the power of such a viral movement that generated over $100 million for ALS. I had no idea it is such a devastating disease.

Last year, there was a Cure Talk panel discussion on fundraising. The take away was there are a whole bunch of ways to raise money.  Prior to my diagnosis, I donated here and there to various organizations, but the bulk of my personal donations went to dog rescue groups.  That's a big deal for me.  I haven't done so in a few years.  But I need to get back to other non-cancer issues that are important to me.  It's interesting that even as I feel great and don't think much about my cancer, my life really revolves around myeloma.  It's an odd occurrence, one that I haven't quite come to grips with.

When I was raising funds for the BoulderBolder, a good friend, Suah, stepped up big time and tapped into her family and friends to raise thousands for me and myeloma research.  I was blown away by such a meaningful gesture and the generosity of so many.  Suah is now raising funds for the Alzheimer's Association.   It's a disease that has impacted her family directly.  And that's why I'm sharing the link to an upcoming walk that Suah is doing to raise funds to help find a cure to Alzheimers.  It's the least I/we can do to show support.  Every dollar helps.  Here is the link:    Walk to End Alzheimers

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