Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rest in Peace Arnie Goodman

We lost Arnie Goodman today.  Arnie contributed so much to the myeloma community. His regular posts on the Myeloma Beacon was so very honest and heartfelt.  His most recent post was less than 3 weeks ago. Read it if you get a chance. I re-read it today and knowing that he has passed, it made me that much more impressed by his drive and fortitude and fight and courage.

Below are what the Myeloma Beacon and the MMRF had to say about Arnie. Please read:

From the Beacon:

We lost an inspiring friend today.

It is with heavy hearts that we pass along the news that Dr. Arnold Goodman, known to almost all of us here in the Beacon community as "Arnie", died earlier today in the company of his family.

If you have not yet taken the time to read the almost 40 columns Arnie wrote for The Beacon over the past three years, now is probably a good time to do so.

As you read through the columns, you will get to know someone who many in our community came to view as a role model. Arnie's myeloma was persistent, but the disease almost certainly underestimated Arnie, because he fought back with every tool and tactic he could find.

Moreover, while he was keeping his disease at bay, Arnie made time to share with all of us the lessons and insights he was learning along the way.

Please join us in thanking Arnie one last time for his graciousness and generosity, and in wishing his family all the best during this difficult time.

Thank you Arnie ... and Godspeed.

From the MMRF:

Dear Friends, It is with great sadness that I am letting you know our incredibly visionary, inspiring, and brave friend Dr. Arnold Goodman died in Tampa, Florida today, July 29, 2014 with his family by his side at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Arnie lived in Tampa, FL with his wife Merle, son Sam, and daughter Dori. He refused to let the challenge that multiple myeloma brought him ever intrude on his vibrant approach to life, or his intense dedication to his family and friends. After being diagnosed in 2006, he received two stem cell transplants and multiple drug regimens with extended periods of remission, always remaining hopeful and courageous.

As a former practicing physician, Arnie took an activist approach in confronting multiple myeloma, enlisting a broad group of researchers, clinicians and other partners in charting his path. Not only did Arnie play an active role in his own treatment, but he also vigorously pursued the most promising science and new treatments for all patients in the relentless drive to a cure. In 2009, the Goodman family founded the “Beat Cancer with a Paddle” program, with the goal of engaging the widest community possible in having fun, raising money and generating awareness to support multiple myeloma research. More than 200 people attended the Goodman's annual fundraisers, ‘Sweetwater Paddle for the Cure’, with all proceeds very generously benefitting the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). This support enabled the advancement of numerous, promising, new myeloma treatments that are benefiting thousands of patients worldwide.

 On behalf of all of us at the MMRF, our research and industry collaborators, as well as the multiple myeloma and cancer communities worldwide, we thank Arnie, his family, and his entire community for helping advance his vision of making the impossible a reality.

 Walter M. Capone
Chief Executive Officer & President Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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