Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monday Around the Corner and We're Off...More Chemo

Sunday afternoon.  Monday coming up quickly. I absolutely hate Mondays. Hate is strong, yes, but pretty accurate in this case.  This week will be days 1 and 4 of my latest cycle of Treanda.  (hopefully/likely the last Treanda for a while (if all goes as expected, we're back to maintenance next month)). Tuesday and Friday is chemo. We get to use the new port for the first time. Woohoo.  I made it the gym Friday and today, and believe you me, I was very careful not to aggravate it.  Part of the problem with Mondays is that for all the treatment and living healthy and machine mode stuff to work, I've got to remain positive.  Mondays for me bring all the crap to the forefront, thus making it hard to be positive.  I should send texts to my coworkers now telling them to avoid me tomorrow.

With this blah post, the summary is my myeloma is ok, we've seemed to stabilize things. We're going to blast it one more time. And physically I'm feeling tip top.

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