Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Which Direction

We might be at a crossroads. That's my prediction for my upcoming Friday visit with Berenson.  Which direction to go?  There may be several options to go and not just a clear one direction. Luckily the situation isn't hairy and we can smartly consider everything.  I wrapped up cycle 5 of treanda (bendamustine) a week and a half ago. Lab results are in. They're decent. A little decline in my numbers but nothing to suggest that this protocol is still uber effective, as it once was.  Remember, we took me off of maintenance back in March when I had a touch of the relapse. So, the question (in my mind) is what now. Back to maintenance? Perhaps. I feel good (other than some treatment related issues, but nothing major).  Another cycle of treanda? Perhaps. We give it one more chance to do it's magic. Or do we switch to some other newer myeloma drug? Pomalyst perhaps. It's hard to say. And I'm doing all this guessing prior to seeing Dr. B.  He might have a different take on my numbers.  He's all about quality of life, which I have. So to maintain my normal, perhaps the doctor will have something else in mind.  I guess we just wait and see. Friday is just two days away.

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