Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ho Hum

Winding down on week one off of chemo.  It took until about Weds this week for me to feel normal. Normal=Good. I've got one more week off, then it is back to chemo.  There is a caveat here.  I'm doing my monthly myeloma labs today. Results Weds and Berenson Friday. I'm anticipating him taking me off of Treanda and putting me back on maintenance.  That's my plan.  Given how my schedule works, I'd be back on chemo May 20. However, we're going to Colorado for the BolderBoulder on the 23rd and the event is the 26th.  The dex crash and revlimid induced leg cramps are something I'd like to avoid while doing a 10k.  So depending on my results and depending on what Dr B says, I might delay my next cycle until May 27.  I hate..HATE...missing or delaying a scheduled chemo treatment. It's only happened a few times over the past three years and it's been fine. But the delay makes me super nervous. But, it's always been ok and I'm sure it would be this time as well. Again, we'll let Berenson chime in. 

Speaking of the BolderBoulder, we've got a couple of weeks to add to our fund raising total. I set the bar high for what I want to raise...$10,000. We're inching up to $5,000.  That right there is impressive.  I'm truly humbled, honored and floored by the level of generosity of so many people.  It's overwhelming actually. But it's also a great feeling. The money is so important and I'm fortunate to be able promote the cause.  And what's been even more overwhelming is that people I don't even know are donating. Friends of my Mom and my niece, Jacquie, have contributed.  Friends and family of an friend, Suah, have been super generous. Suah has really drummed up a lot of support and I can't even vocalize how much her support and help means to me,   And it's not too late, so here's the link to my donation page:

Today is the 10th of May. A week after my 3 year cancerversary. I'm cruising along.  But what next? I've written about this before. I'm thrilled that I am leading a normal life and am minimally impacted by the cancer. But I'm also wondering what's next. The routine doesn't always cut it for me. There needs to more. I work. I pay bills. I work out. I see friends.  All good. But let's look at work. I like my job. I try to kick ass every day.  But I've been doing the same thing for a while now. Let's mix it up.  So what do I do? Hell if I know.  If anyone has any lucrative, exciting job offers, that include a good health insure plan, let me know. 

This weekend the NFL draft is taking place. As I've said before I really wanted the Vikings to draft Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football. The Vikings had their chance, but opted for a different quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, who ought to be great in his own right.  I'm a little disappointed but optimistic as ever that the Vikings will be in the playoffs this upcoming season.

And that's all I got. I don't have much to write or say. I'm doing good, test results in a few days and we'll go from there. 

And lastly, thanks again to so many people who have donated.  It's awesome,

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