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Each week of the regular season you pick the winning team and apply confidence points which are based on how confident you are with each of your picks. For each correct pick, you get those confidence points. There are no point spreads, it’s just outright winner. The most points each week is the weekly winner. The top ten in total points at the end of the regular season will win. The amount paid out will be determined once the season begins and everyone has signed up.

It’s a $50 buy in for the season with money split 50/50 between the winners pool & the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation,

Multiple myeloma is an incurable, but treatable blood cancer. This is our chance to give back to an organization that has been very important to me and tens of thousands of others. This is also our chance to add excitement to the football season. WIN WIN!

You can pay via PayPal at or cash or check to Matt Goldman. I am using Yahoo for this Pick Em League. The League Name is Tackle Myeloma, but use the Group ID# (2701) and the Password (bloodcancer).

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A New Season Starts Today

I made a video last night, but I really didn't like it. I didn't want to edit myself, but in this case I am.  Anyhow, today a new season starts.  Back to treanda, back to heavy duty chemo.

I've had it pretty easy for the past year and a half.  Basically it's been my off season.  I've felt great, my body wasn't getting beat up.

My numbers have been inching up. Nothing critical. In fact, some numbers, like creatinin, are still looking good.  We met with Phan yesterday and he would have been perfectly ok with me continuing on maintenance.  He's also perfectly ok with me switching back to my old chemo.  There's no right or wrong here.  We do it, we test, we see if it works. Well, it'll work. 

But I want to stay ahead of the game.  I don't want to see my kidneys getting worse and then we make a decision. I don't want to become symptomatic and then we do something.  I want to be aggressive.  That's going to be my style this new season. Attack, attack, attack.  Myeloma won't know what to do. Myeloma will be on its heels.  It's go time. It's a new season. Where is the opening game fanfare? Bands, prime time tv. All that.

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  1. awesome to you be in that fight fight fight mode its the only thing that keeps us going to live. I took the aggressive route also 1 year post transplant and all is well taking Revlimid daily for a year now need to continue another year good luck to you my friend stay strong and keep your eye on the prize