Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hodge Podge of Nothng

So here's a pet peeve. It happens at work.  It happens a few times a year.  You know how if you're leaving work or on your way to a meeting and you run into a coworker who stops you and says they need to talk to you? And by talk, they mean at that very moment, thereby delaying you   If they need to talk, why didn't they call or email?  Why randomly encounter someone and tell them you need to talk?  If it's a critical issue, this person could have come by my office.

I left work at noon today. It was a chemo day.  I worked half day, went to the gym, and then chemo. It's a tight schedule. I was about to get on the elevator to leave and a woman stops me and says she needs to talk to me. She then went on to over explain an issue. It went on for well over five minutes. What the heck? 

After chemo, we usually go to a nearby deli and get some matzo ball soup and a treat from the bakery. We call in our order just as my treatment ends and by the time we drive over to the deli, the order is ready.  Today was just me at chemo. Leslie was and is out celebrating her birthday. I called Katella Deli as I left Dr Phan's office. By the way, the office administrator told me she is leaving  for another job. That sucks. Good for her, bad for me. She's been there since I started chemo. Super nice, super funny. And she is moving on.  One of the doctor's nurses left about a year ago and I still haven't fully accepted her replacement. I like consistency. I like my team. I understand people need to look out for themselves. But it's a hit to the team. The woman leaving is the friendly voice I hear when I call for my lab results. She is at the front desk when I go to the office. I say "boooooo" to her leaving. But best of luck as well.  Good for her.

 I was on hold with the deli for almost ten minutes. If the Undercover Boss was watching operations, he or she would not be happy with the wait time. Even worse was that it was going to take 30 minutes for my food to be ready. Soup! That is way too long. Normally 10 minutes is the prep time. Cancelled that order. But that also meant I didn't get a treat from the bakery. I'm home now and did find food to eat for dinner.  But we have no cookies. We have no junk food. I'm craving junk.  The dex I get with chemo is kicking in.  It makes me hungry and it makes me crave junk. The anger aspect of steroids also hits quickly. Today it hit as I was driving home, sans soup. Too much traffic. I could feel the anger and ire towards the other drivers building up.  The anger was boiling. But I recognized it for what it was, and was able to make it home without yelling at anyone on the road.

Tonight is insomnia, another effect of dex, a steroid.  Tomorrow I work and I'll be wired all day. Actually I'll be super productive and get a lot done. By Saturday the dex wears off, the chemo drug (velcade) hits and I'll be tuckered out this weekend.

Tomorrow I do my monthly 24 hour urine collection.  Saturday I turn it in and do some blood work.  Remember we're concerned  about the total protein in my urine and the percent of that total that is bad . The last 3 months, the total protein has been edging up. A little worrisome or not worrisome at all. Depends on your attitude. But the percent of the total number that is bad protein has been going down. Thus my numbers are actually a little better now than they were a few months ago.  The current tests have me a little antsy and anxious even though I feel great. We're leaving town on Tuesday, so I'll have to call to get the results. Ah shit, I just remembered that the office is closed Thursday and Friday. My labs results usually come in Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. I might have to wait till Dec 2 to get full results.  Damn it, I don't like waiting for results. 

Today I did a Cure Talk conference call.  A myeloma doctor discussed a possible new treatment option. It was pretty damn interesting. Anyhow, I introduced myself and mentioned I am a patient of Dr Berenson. Dr Khan, the speaker, sang the praises of Berenson and said he's on the forefront of myeloma research.  Khan, like Berenson, is not a proponent of stem cell transplants. The treatment option is called monochronal antibodies therapy. I knew little about it. It's been used with success with other cancers and now is going through trials on myeloma. Sounds promising. I plan to talk to Berenson about it when I see him on December 3.

I was going to use this post to delve into questions on the meaning of life and what our purpose is. But I opted not to go in that direction and instead talked about today.

There's the report. I feel great. No complaints.  And that's my story.

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  1. I hate the Dex doldrums! I used to try and calm myself w/ Pink Floyd but that usually only went well when accompanied by a fat doobie (which is in my way way past!) But it does make you think too much. I also agree on the 'change' principle...sometimes you have to roll with it but the change in 'staff' (rather than doc/nurse) is the worst when you have someone that you like and that has a 'rhythm' about them; i.e., take care of you special, book your appts, squeeze you in, etc. that sucks w/ a capital suck! Lastly, waiting on test results is also the worst...doubly so in my camp as my mother will continue bothering me! :)

    take care sir and keep the proverbial stiff upper lip!


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