Friday, November 22, 2013

Does Joe Perry of Aerosmith watch the Simpsons?

Today I read a tweet from the actor Hank Azaria.  He's played a whole bunch of characters and is pretty darn funny.  He is also known as the voice of Moe on the Simpsons.  I don't really watch the Simpsons, but I do know that Moe is the bartender at the bar that Homer hangs out at.  Azaria's tweet said that he met Joe Perry of Aerosmith. Joe Perry called him Moe.  It got me wondering if Joe Perry watches the Simpsons. It is possible. Conversely, perhaps Joe Perry has a handler who feeds him facts about whoever he might be meeting.  The show Veep on HBO has Julia Louis Dreyfus playing the vice president. It's hilarious. When she is shaking hands on long greeting lines, she has someone in her ear feeding her little tidbits about each person. She'll then ask each person a question using that tidbit.  It brings a more human element to the handshake.  I wonder if Obama has this sort of person. 

And what an interesting job that would be.  You'd need a good memory. You'd need to be a great researcher. You'd also need to be a fan of the trivia and recognize the uniqueness of each person.  We all have a story. Even seemingly innocuous people have interesting stories.  Horrible people also have humanizing backgrounds.  Sometimes I think that myeloma has turned me into a boring person, with nothing to talk about with other people. I'm not feeling super interesting. But I need to be me. I need to tap into my experiences and my interests and my history to keep things lively.

I'll also say that I love facts. I love researching stuff. I've got a decent memory, although chemo brain sometimes impacts that. But I try to keep the brain active to avoid chemobrain.  In other words, if somebody needs a handler to feed them information about other people, I'm the man.  Call me.

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