Friday, September 20, 2013

102, 101, what the heck

When I started this blog, my purpose was to keep folks informed with my myeloma. We're almost 29 months into myeloma and the blog.  Myeloma-wise there hasn't been a lot to write about for quite some time.  I've been on cruise control.  The past few days I've been concerned the myeloma was kicking back in.  But here it is, Friday night, and I've feeling pretty good and knocking out whatever had gotten into my system. Nothing to see here. Why write about it? Um......not sure.

To summarize: On Wednesday I felt like crap. I was in a meeting and sweating like a mother fucker, wishing I could lay my head down and take a nap.  I went to see Phan.  He checked me out, looked at my latest labs and told me that it wasn't cancer progression. Instead he said I had the flu.  He has always pushed for me to get flu shots. I have never had one in my life. Call me crazy, but why inject a flu into my system to avoid a flu?  Phan just shakes his head when I say this. His recommendation to beat the flu was rest and lots of fluids. My nurse, Kristel, gave me a pep talk.  They both reminded me that my immune system is already compromised and what immunity I do have is busy fighting cancer. The flu kind of has a free path to jack me up.

Yesterday I took the day off from work. As the day progressed, I felt worse and worser. I was so sleepy, kept getting chills and then sweats, ached, and by last night I had a fever of 102.  Whew wee....I was laying on the couch hoping that Phan was right and it was the flu.  The symptoms were so similar to what I experienced when I was diagnosed. All kinds of question were going through my head last night.  Have I told people I love them? Will the hospital let Gracie visit me in the hospital? When can I see my mom again? Have I ensured that Leslie is taken care of? Is everything in place? Should I go out with a bang?

This morning I woke up feeling better, but still not so great. I called in sick again, with plans to sleep a whole lot.  In the morning I got a terrible cases of the sweats.  My purple Friday Vikings t shirt was soaked.  We took my temperature and it was 101. Ah shit.  I took a shower around noon.  And soon thereafter I started to feel better. I must have sweated out the flu toxins. It was like a switch was flipped. I suddenly had energy. I had pep. I had life to my step.  Well, here it is Friday night and I feel pretty darn good. My throat is scratchy. But no aches, no chills. I'd say Phan was right, it was the flu. Crisis averted.

Speaking of Leslie, she recently went to a taping of the Queen Latifah show. We watched the episode today and Leslie got a lot of face time on camera.  Tonight Leslie got a message from one of my nurses saying she saw Leslie on tv. And this brings me to my point.  It is so fricking amazing how awesome all the medical people are. The nurses are amazing. They are like family. Doctors. Great. Even the lab techs who draw my blood are cool. I do blood work every couple of weeks. I'm on a first name basis with quite of few techs. They always ask how I am doing.

At this rate, I'll be back to normal and feeling great, and I'll be blogging with few real updates.

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