Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's Up


Normally, tomorrow would be my monthly visit with Berenson. But we're traveling tonight. Heading to the east coast.  Family wedding and vacation.  I'll likely also be meeting up with a couple of fellow myeloma survivors and their families. Most likely we'll be going to a Yankee game together.  Should be awesome. The whole trip.   I just packed up my medicines for the trip. Remember last year when I made my first trip since being diagnosed. It was nervous time. How would security work with my port?  What about my liquid medicine...could I bring it on the plane.  Traveling now is old hat. I don't  have the questions. I know how it all works. It's all good.

I'm a little nervous about skipping Berenson this month, But my labs are all the same and I know he'd keep me on the same path. So it should be ok. 

We get back Weds. And Thursday it'll be back to work and back to chemo.  No breaks.  And that's what has been somewhat overwhelming this past couple of weeks. I've really been ready to hit my re-set button. Start over.  Between work, my focus on my health, our home being turned upside down thanks to the water leak and the usual other life surprises, I hit the wall.  I've been getting through the day.  But when I've been home, I shut down. I've been a moody son of a gun. And I've avoided talking to people. I think I am snapping out of it, and ready to kick things into a higher gear.  Diet, exercise, serenity, focus, domination and "You only YOLO once" (courtesy of Workaholics, a damn funny show).

Here's a photo of my medicine for the trip,

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  1. Enjoy your trip! I will be in NYC on Tuesday the 19th to get my Labs rechecked. Give a holler if you are round!


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