Friday, August 30, 2013

Push to 180

I written a fair amount a life time battle with my weight.  I was a pretty chubby kid, which is difficult for any kid but is exasperated when you have a name that rhymes with Fat.  I finally gained control of my weight my senior year of high school when I become passionate about running. Ironic in a way that my love of running hit me as a senior, when you consider I ran track, not too successfully, as a sophomore and junior.  In my Al Bundy-esque high school glory moment, I ran a 5 10 mile as senior. Naturally I didn't run track that year. But I run my whole life after that point until I hit my early 40s. At that point, my knees, hips and ankles are become too achy. So running stopped.

And while I don't have bone problems from the myeloma, I'd be afraid to even consider running again. I imagine it can't be good for me bones. Although I have to say there is a myeloma survivor, Don in Minnesota, who when diagnosed in his mid 60s, set a goal of running a marathon in every state. He's accomplished that goal and then some. He's a pretty good role model.

As a cancer patient undergoing chemo, watching my weight normally wouldn't be a concern. Phan has never worried about my weight. Typically a cancer patient losing a bunch of weight can be a bad thing.  Appetite is often impacted by chemo. But I've never had that problem. I've eaten well this whole time. Plus, I've been on a constant diet of steroids, which make me uber hungry. Several months ago, my kidney doctor suggested I lose some weight. I was pushing 215 and getting seriously fat. I buckled down and as of a month ago I was down to 188. But I'm getting lazy with my eating. I exercise regularly, but I've been eating a lot. I'm back up to 195,  Not good. I really would like to be 180.  So starting tomorrow, I'm making the push to 180. I really really want to hit that goal. It's important for how I feel physically and also how I feel mentally.  This myeloma fight requires positive attitude, self confidence and discipline. Hitting my weight goal will help me tremendously. My friend Brad mentioned to me that we might be in the dog days of myeloma right now. We've both been a bit tired this past week or two. We'll fight our way through it.

I've also mentioned recently my desire to minimize my meat intake.  I've got kidney issues, and am on a modified renal diet, so I'm a little limited on what alternative sources of protein are out there for me. Beans, soy, dairy are all on the minimize my consumption list.  But my kidneys have improved enough where I can some add things back in to the diet.

 I can do this. I'm riding a lot and swimming more and lifting weights regularly. So I got the exercise down. Its just a matter of getting food intake under control. Push push.

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