Friday, August 2, 2013

Chemo Today

Today was chemo day. Day 15 of the latest cycle of maintenance. All is good. I feel fricking great.  Tomorrow I do my monthly 24 hour pee collection. I really really didn't want to do chemo this week.  I'm feeling so good and doing such a good job of not thinking about the myeloma, that going to chemo felt like a rude slap in the face. A cruel reminder. I did meet a great funny older lady today at Phan's office. Today was her last treatment, She'll return to Phan in a couple of months to make sure her cancer is still in remission. I really liked meeting her today. She was so sweet and so positive. Loved her energy and attitude and humor. She often brings her whole family, including grandkids to her treatment. Today though, she drove herself, a real milestone in her journey.

But I can't miss a treatment. Even day delays jack me up in the head. Like I've said, I've become a bit compulsive about my treatments, Don't change what ain't broke. I also pondered not doing my pee collection this month and not seeing Berenson.  That I might be able to do. As long as I feel good, I'm fairly certain my numbers are ok. However, if I didn't do my lab work this month, I'd be a hell of a mess in the noggin. Just thinking about not collecting my pee had me fighting off a mini anxiety attack the other day. So I'll do the collection, see the results and then decide if I'll see Berenson. When I see that my numbers are all good, I can skip Dr B, knowing that he would keep me on the same path. I'll decide early next week.   In them meantime and coincidentally Berenson is giving a talk next week about myeloma in Phan's office. After 27 months of them both being my doctors, this will be the first time they've met face to face. I'd like to sit in on the talk and am going to try to make it work. I imagine Dr B will discuss all the new treatment options for myeloma.  Just in my 27 months (Aug 2 is my 27 month cancerversary), there have been a number of new, effective drugs added to the treatment option list.

Well, it's 2 AM here and I need to get a couple of hours sleep before I go to work. Super productive day ahead with the steroid (dex) high. Saturday and Sunday? Crash.

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