Friday, August 2, 2013

Avoid Aspartame. No More Diet Sodas. No More Fake Sweeteners

We've long suspected that aspartame played a critical role in me getting multiple myeloma. Before my diagnosis, I'd drink several cups of coffee a day, each and every one containing at least 6 packets of equal. I also chugged a whole lot of diet soda.  Now, I don't touch the stuff, except, unfortunately with the occasional piece of sugarless gum. Even that I try to avoid,

Well, here is a study that adds credence to my theory. It's too late for me to avoid those impacts, but I can ensure I don't make the same mistake as I work to complete myself in partial remission. I strongly suggest to anyone else who consumes the fake shit, cut it out. Drink water. It's the best thing for us. Let's all vow, no more diet soda. No more fake sweeteners.

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  1. The American Cancer Society says that study was inconclusive, and that no other studies show aspartame to be detrimental to health. Perhaps that's why that study hasn't been mentioned in 2-3 years. How are you doing these days??


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