Friday, July 19, 2013

New Maintenance Cycle

This afternoon was chemo. And that means dex. And that means insomnia, anxiety, irritability. Sometimes I'm ok with this. I'll use the wiredness to my advantage. I'll work out. I'll write. I'll plan. Not this time. This time it is pure anxiety and irritability. Wow. I've been doing some pacing. I did get a couple of hours of sleep, but that's over. I don't like to take sleeping pills, so I am kind of stuck. Whew wee....hold on everyone. In a couple of hours I need to get ready for work. I'll ride to work on my old univega. It's heavy as all heck, but that'll help burn some energy. Oh and I'm hungry. But I can't just eat and eat and eat. I worked too hard to get into shape. Plus I don't have any cereal in the house. Cereal is my favorite dex food. Dry. No milk. In a glass. Lately Puffins original or cinnamon from Trader Joes is tops. So good. Many many years ago, i had the best t shirt. It was a cereal shirt. A white t shirt with a 6 by 6 matrix of different cereals on the front. Loved that shirt!!!!!

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