Sunday, July 7, 2013


Any Lost fans out there? It's been off the air for a few years now. But it was a really great and addictive show. Yesterday I used my dex tiredness to watch a whole bunch of stuff. 3 episodes of Breaking Bad, to get me all caught up and ready for the final 8 episodes that start August 11. A couple of episodes of Arrested Development. I only just recently started watching it, so I'm still on season one.

And I watched the finale of Lost. It's been a while since I first watched it. Pre-diagnosis for sure. But wow, real powerful. It really got me thinking. I had some crazy, happy, scary, realistic dreams when I was first diagnosed.  Some of the dreams were so real that I woke wishing I was back in my dream world. Anyhow, the Lost finale seemed to really capture the interaction between reality, perception, dreams, and fate. I'm probably going to have to re-watch the entire series.

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