Thursday, June 27, 2013

More on 4 for 4

Rode home today and accomplished my goal. Rode in every day. It just hit me that this is a significant milestone. And what's nice is that I got stronger as the week went on. By the time I rode home today, I was moving up hills in higher gears and at a faster pace. My cardio is coming back. I don't work Friday this week, but next week, Monday, I am planning on keeping my streak going.

I also had not a single medical appointment this week. No labs, no shots, no nothing. I never even really thought about myeloma. Seems like forever since I've had chemo. Work was nuts this week. I busted my ass and I'm still no worse for wear.  All positives.

Next week is chemo week. Weds afternoon. So I'll be celebrating the 4th of July wired on dex. Jumping jacks for Uncle Sam.

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