Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monthly Check Up

Today was my monthly Berenson visit. All went well. Creatinin is at 3.65. Bloods counts are doing good. We stay the course. Berenson continues to be happy and a little amazed with how well I am doing....considering where I was. He called me a miracle man, given the amazing improvement of the kidneys.  He also said that just in the two years since I was diagnosed, there are a whole bunch of new myeloma drugs. So if maintenance were to lose its effectiveness, we have a lot of options. I told him I feel great and plan to be around another 30 years. He mentioned he recently saw a patient who has been coming to him for almost 30 years. All good news.

On June 20, I am hosting another Cure Talk discussion. It's about stress...managing and the impact of it. I invited Dr B and he said he can do it. I need to coordinate with his office. I've also likely got Don Baylor lined up, so it ought to be a great talk.

Also made a brief visit with my kidney doctor. I usually see him every two or three months. But since we've branched out on the diet, I went sooner than usual. More thumbs up from the kidney doc. I am doing great and again I keep doing what I am doing. Oh one other note about the Berenson visit. Because my kidneys are improving, I have an even greater number of drugs options....if needed. A lot of chemo drugs beat up the kidneys, so with failed kidneys I would have fewer options. But with my improved kidneys, there is a greater variety of potential future treatment options. Note that we temper my current drug mix partly based on what my kidney can handle. And there are drugs, even over the counter stuff, that I need to avoid completely, so as not to harm the kidneys. For example....ibuprofen is off limits to me.

Tomorrow is Friday. It's bike to work month. I rode in on Wednesday and will ride again tomorrow.

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