Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick Hits

It's a marathon, not a sprint.  Berenson's description of myeloma.  It's an appropriate description and it's a good thing.  But also frustrating, because it just keeps going and going. Last night I had a headache in the middle of night. It could have been anything, but I start thinking that perhaps the myeloma has migrated to the skull. That's doubtful and unlikely, but it's a worry.  So the goal is to counter balance the worry with positive thoughts.  At times, I get real tired of listening to myself. Blah, blah, blah.  I can only imagine what people who read this blog think, with my whining, stories and so forth. Thus, today is a quick hit format of updating.

-Chemo Thursday. It's the start of another round of maintenance. Number 11 according to Leslie.

-Saw Berenson last Friday. He's happy. Keep on same path.

-Saw kidney doctor last Friday. He prescribed a drug called Losartan that is typically used to control high blood pressure. I don't have high blood pressure.  But it also helps prevent kidney scarring. A good thing. It does so basically by opening up blood vessels for smoother flow of blood. (that's my base level understanding). But I might not take it. I don't want to add another drug to my mix.  And in my mind, exercise can open up the blood vessels and accomplish the same thing. I'm no doctor, but it sounds logical to me.

-Lab yesterday. Stable. Creatinin 3.75. Hemoglobin 9.9. White blood cell 3.6.  The creatinin is a bit frustrating. I've made great progress, but seems like we've peaked with the number. It's been hovering around 4 for 3 months now. I need a big drop.

-Rode bike to work Monday. Riding again Friday. And back to gym tomorrow and Saturday. Weights. Bone strengthening.

-Irritated with Google. Trying to renew this domain but it is so dang counter intuitive. Leslie and I spent two hours trying to figure it out last night. To no avail. WTF Google? Simplify this!

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