Saturday, April 6, 2013


Well, yesterday was day one for my new back and biceps workout. Yesterday was also massage and acupuncture. Maybe not such a good idea. Sore! My old foot injury still hurts. My port is swollen and sore. This happened once before. We did an ultra sound, tested for infection and came up with nothing. It turns out I have to be careful with certain exercises, because they can move the line from the port. And irritation ensues. I guess I did it again. It's a real balancing act. I need to do weight bearing exercises to keep the bones strong and stimulate the marrow to produce red blood cells. But I need to be thoughtful with what I do.

So....massage, workout, acupuncture....back to back to back has left me sore in many places. Today? Take it easy. Tomorrow? Back at it.

Today is also lab day. Basic blood work. Results Monday. I'm sensing continued kidney improvement.

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