Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Bleeping Port

Love might be too strong a word. But I am very fond of my port.  It's makes chemo so easy. No needles in the arm, no arm bruising, easier to move around during treatment.  A couple of months ago, we thought it might either be infected or have moved around. We did some blood work, an ultrasound and came up with nothing. We thought something had happened to it, because it was a bit red and swollen and sore.  It cleared up.

Well, right now, the fricking thing is super swollen and super sore. I've been working out more and being more active, so I'm guessing I irritated it.  We see Dr Phan today, so he'll take a look at it. My guess is he'll suggest taking it out. Which I'm fine with. Despite my fond feelings for the port, if it's going to interfere with my lean & mean program, then maybe I should get rid of it.   I guess we'll see.

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