Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And another reading assignment...

An artlcle about the impact of a positive attitude on cancer recovery. I might differ with this story. Thoughts?


  1. I have to say that I appreciate this article as well as the notion of the tyranny of positive thinking.

    I think that attitude, one's level of optimism, is based in disposition and much of that is genetic. I believe people with positive attitudes are really blessed to have that attribute, and I think it's wonderful if it helps them deal with their life circumstances (cancer, or whatever). but i've also known people who don't have that disposition and they spend much time striving to maintain an attitude that just isn't part of who they are. and then they end up being very hard on themselves because they can't quite be positive enough. I've also seen people feel guilty about their circumstances (illness, even) because they have the belief that they wouldn't have gotten sick or had bad luck if they'd only tried harder to be more positive.

    i guess I'm more aligned with radical acceptance...being mindful of what we can change, accepting what we can't, and learning to love ourselves as we are. (not to say that attitudes can't be adjusted at times, but maybe just acknowledging what we're feeling allows the negative to "feel heard" and move on, making more space)

    good food for thought, though -- thank for sharing the article!

    kit (not really so moniker is actually the name of my favorite beer)

  2. I've always felt the positive attitude thing can only go so far. I've seen people too damn hard on themselves with cancer - if only I ate the right foods, thought the right thoughts, had a positive attitude, I wouldn't have cancer. On top of having cancer, they now blamed themselves for attitude. I think it can help you get through it, but scheesh.


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