Monday, March 18, 2013

Yo, Yo, Yo

It's Monday. Last night, Leslie and I went to a dinner hosted by a local group.  The dinner was to acknowledge the work of several groups/non-profits in Long Beach who had participated in a week long effort to provide assistance to individuals who could use some help.  Teams consisting of two people were tasked with giving $1,400 over 1 week, with no give being larger than $250 and no give being a direct cash gift.  Really a neat idea.  It produces a chain of giving and appreciation.  Leslie has spent a fair amount of time helping a local profit known as the Catalyst Network of Communities. The Catalyst team included Leslie in the chain of giving and she passed it on. Good work Leslie! She's invested a lot of time and energy into a great organization.

For me, it's a big week. Wednesday, I'm hosting a Cure Talk Panel discussion, with the focus being on Working While Living With Myeloma.  Space is limited, but if it's filled up, they post the podcast afterwards for listening. The link is

And this coming weekend is the Big Climb in Seattle. It's fund raiser in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which provides dollars to researching all blood cancers, in myeloma.  My team has raised over $1,500 so far. $1,500 was our goal, but let's see if we can raise more than that.  The link for Team Goldman is

I've got some of my monthly lab results and everything is looking good. Creatinin 3.86, total protein is down, hemoglobin over 10.

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