Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Just a few days until the Big Climb in Seattle. I am very excited. Team Goldman has raised over $2,400.  I'm so impressed and touched by every one's generosity. It's pretty overwhelming. After work today Matt Arms and I are doing our last stair training.  I'm confident that he'll be fine. Me on the other hand, I'm gonna be tuckered out. When we train, we do a set of stairs on a bluff above the beach. I do about 20 sets and Matt usually does about 4 or 5 more than me.   I bought a Go Pro hi def video camera to memorialize the entire climb.  I'll share with everyone next week.  (Note I also plan to strap it to Gracie's back on occasion and film her walks from her dog's eye perspective.)

It's Wednesday and I'm doing good.  I have the Cure Talk Panel talk later this afternoon, and a little nervous about it. It'll be fine, and I'm hoping we can provide some good information to folks.

I've ridden my bike to work 4 out of the past 9 days. That's awesome. Yesterday I rode, and it was the first time, I actually felt some power and could work a little harder on the ride home. It felt fantastic. I'm so dang happy about that. At one point in this myeloma journey, I thought I'd never ride to work again. But I'm doing it.

Today should have been Berenson. But I delayed seeing him for a month. And I'm not even to nervous or paranoid about that. That's huge!  I'm a real creature of habit and routine. And my routine has been to see him every month. But I know my labs look good and I know I feel good, so let's not see him this month.

Thanks to everyone for the support, generosity and kind words.  Really, really, really appreciated.

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