Monday, March 11, 2013

Trends, Schmends

Dr Phan preaches trends. We're looking at trends when we look at my lab numbers. Ironically, I had the same conversation at work about a project today. Spending trends.

Anyhow, I do weekly or bi-weekly blood work, CMP and CBC.  I look at white blood cell count, hemoglobin (red) and creatinin (kidney function).  My rational side says not to get excited (or bummed) by one lab's results. HOWEVER,  from my lab work on Saturday I have normal white blood cell and hemoglobin count. Normal as in a person without myeloma. That is fricking awesome.  First time in two years I've had a normal blood count. No wonder I felt so good and energetic this weekend. I am operating on a full tank. Trend schmends, I am fired up by these results.  Creatinin is at 3.95. Could still use improvement, but I am hovering out of that failure range.  Again, a measure of having the myeloma under control.

We are all champions!!!

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