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Monday, March 4, 2013

Chemo Brain

Chemo brain is basically a blow to the brain's ability to process and memorize, as a result of chemotherapy. Some say it's not a real thing, others say it is. More studies are showing that it is real. Some say it is only temporary and the brain's functions will return after a cancer patient has been off chemo for a while. I heard it described as having a hangover without the headache. But what about us myeloma patients?  Long term, maintenance chemo is pretty standard.  So do our brains every bounce back?

I thought I was doing pretty well.  At work I've been able to focus and process information and remember stuff.  But of late, and today in particular, I'm feeling like my brain function is slowing down.  In a morning meeting, I really wasn't able to think quickly and respond to new information.  I am finding if I don't write stuff down immediately, it might be gone forever.  I ask people to remind me of things now.

In my non work life, I am finding the memory is taking a real hit. I've always thought I had a pretty good memory and a pretty good head for numbers.  But I forget a lot of shit nowadays. Focusing is getting tough. 

Argh, what other surprises await me?

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  1. Hey Matt! I was diagnosed in 3/2010. June 2011 I had Stem Cell and with Revlimid have been steady on maintenance (low to normal Chain Lights). Please consider it. To me, it was a life saver and a way to continue on feeling great with a bright future ahead!