Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beautiful Day

I just got home from a bike ride, so I'm flying somewhat on the euphoria that I got from riding. For me, there's nothing more freeing than having my own legs move me around town. It's a very powerful feeling. Right now I feel like a champion. Some might say I am a mother fucking champion. Maybe nobody else would say that, but I'll say it. It's beautiful out there today. Sunny, dogs heads hanging out of cars, people running, people riding. 

People riding though is the glitch in this story. I'm riding on my refurbished univega. It's steel, heavy and slow as heck. I'm slow as heck now. So lots of people pass me on the bike path. That is not acceptable. I hate hate hate people passing me. So I need to do something about that. I need to do two things. 1) Ride more and get faster. and B) Get a light fast bike. I need a fast bike. I'd say this is yet another a sign of me doing great. On a bike, I guess I'm a bit competitive. Riding is now not enough. I need to pick up the pace.

I also want to say a little word about my previous post. I hope I didn't touch any nerves. I wasn't questioning how people react. An illness might be more difficult for the family and friends than it is for the patient. I totally understand that people aren't sure what to say.  And how we each deal with it is different and unique.  I was struck by the statement "don't google it".  My initial reading about myeloma was frightening.  But now that I think about it, you should google it, but recognise that what you read doesn't always apply. I might be rambling here and making no sense. Anyhow, if I touched a nerve, sorry about that.

It truly is a great day.

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