Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Month of Firsts

This week I rode to work two out five days. A first. Yesterday, the day after maintenance chemo, I rode. It's a 10 mile trip each way...20 round trip. I parked the univega and instead rode my Giant Seek. And wow, what a difference. The ride was easier, faster and even more pleasurable. The bike makes a huge difference. I now want an even faster, lighter, road/city bike. Thinking Specialized Tri Cross right now. I did lose my sunglasses on the way in. They were my back up sunglasses, but disappointing nonetheless. Leslie actually found them just down the street from our house, but they were crushed by a car. Sad.

I had a bit of quandary Thursday night. How was I going to ride to work, when I had to bring my 24 hour pee container with me? I needed to collect yesterday, to ensure we had results in time for next week's monthly Berenson visit. The solution? I've opted to not see Berenson this month. He had indicated we can probably go to seeing him every two months. I didn't want to do it, seeing him monthly gives me a level of comfort.  But I know what to look for in the lab results, so by the time we see him, I can predict what he'll say. So we're passing on our visit this month. Another first. I'll still collect my pee tomorrow and turn it in on Monday. I'll get results towards the end of next week and I'll know how I am doing. I'm guessing, things will continue to look good. If something looks off, then I can make appointment with Dr B.  But as things stand now, I won't see him until April 19. I'm also scheduled to see the kidney doctor on April 19. So we're really on cruise control right now. It's nice.

Today, I'm coming down off my dex high. I can feel the post chemo tiredness creeping up. The tiredness should last till Monday.

Next week is the Big Climb for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Team Goldman set a goal of raising $1,500. We're almost there. We're at $1,300 with one week to go. If you want to contribute, just know that everything counts and matters and here's the link:

Today I want to get a Go Pro hi def video camera. I plan to wear it during the big climb. I'll post the video after the event.

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