Thursday, March 28, 2013


New low for creatinin. 3.61. Remember at its worst, it was over 8. We've been hovering around 4 for a couple of months. But now, we've got a drop. So we're gunning for 3! I think that is doable given my protein counts are down (also a good thing). I'll get acupuncture Saturday, which will help. I'm locked in!

Met with Dr Phan today and doing chemo today. We barely discussed the myeloma. Doing good. But not stopping there. I've finally dropped the pounds I wanted lose. I got the lean, now I get mean. I'm going to meet my long time friend Ramon (college, best man in his wedding, my dentist and he's a fitness expert) at the gym this weekend to figure out a program for me. Between being 51 and the cancer, my arms are getting floppy. That's not acceptable.

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Berenson Oncology Success Rate

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