Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winding Down the Weekend

Sunday morning. Gracie had a dog friend sleep over last night. Sugarplum, aka Sugar, a small black and white mix of something. Sugar lives just around the block and whenever Gracie walks by her house, she wants to stop and say hi. There are times when Gracie will absolutely not budge until I take her to the back gate to say hi to Sugar. But what's funny is that if they actually get together, they then ignore each other. Last night, when our friends dropped off Sugar, both dogs were excited. But once together in our house, they had nothing to do with each other. Both are now sleeping in bed with us, and it's making it real difficult for me to get out of bed.

Yesterday, I did some stairmaster, in preparation for March's Big Climb. I also was going to clean out a bathroom sink. Should have been a simple exercise, but it turned in to a multi-hour activity, including a trip to Home Depot. I ended up having to replace the whole drain kit. I did it though. I'm not super handy, but changing the drain? Piece of cake. On the way back from Home Depot, or should I say The Home Depot, Leslie and I stopped for lunch at a local Long Beach place called Curley's, Its sign says coldest beer in town. I've wanted to go to Curley's for years, but just never did make it. It has a functioning oil rig in the parking lot, to go with the coldest beer in Long Beach. It's a bit of local icon. And then on the way home from there, we stopped at the top of Signal Hill, a tiny little city surrounded by the city of Long Beach. Again, never been to this one spot before. Amazing panoramic views of the port, the city, the ocean, the mountains. Rain had just cleared the skies, so the views were spectacular. Note to my Mom....when you're here next week we have to take you to this park at the top of the hill. Wow.

The point of all this drivel? It was a pretty darn normal and nice Saturday. The worry caused by the tiredness earlier in the week has passed. The tiredness itself has passed. That's all good. I did have some crazy hand cramps last night which I believe is a remnant from the Revlimid the night before. Usually I get bad calf cramps from the medicine the night I take it. But sometimes I get these hand cramps half a day later. I'm guessing the combo of the Revlimid and the plumbing had my hands in a bit of shock. Hence nasty cramps. Leslie worked it out for me,once again showing that she's one heck of caregiver.

I updated my resume. First time in seven years. It's ready to be emailed out tomorrow as I pursue my next job.  In terms of my actual current job, I'm fricking swamped. I told my boss I need a full time assistant for the next few months. So tomorrow, I have to write my justification for the need. I'm coordinating $170 million in relocating oil drilling and related activity in support of a new bridge being built in the port. $170 million. It's a little frustrating that I need to write a justification for my need for help. Given the scope of the work, and potential for massive negative repercussions if everything isn't done according to plans, you'd think I could get a quick thumbs up to bringing on help. But bureaucracy is bureaucracy and I've got to go through these steps.  Of note, this new bridge, when complete, will have a bike path and scenic overlooks that will provide absolutely one of a kind views of the port. The bike path on the bridge is something I've worked on and helped bring along.

Thursday it's back to chemo. And Friday is 24 hour urine day, in preparation for next week's visit with Berenson. Enjoy your day everyone. First weekend of no football in months. Time to start thinking about March Madness.

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