Monday, February 4, 2013


It's Monday. Typically not my favorite day of the week. But it's particularly distasteful now.  I had a good weekend. Saturday, went for a bike ride. I've targeted Feb. 15 as the day I ride to work. That will be a milestone for sure.  I can do it!!!  Yesterday I went to the gym and did the stairmaster for an hour. I'm slow as all heck but at least I keep moving. I've got the Big Climb coming up in March so I really do need to do some training. And fund raising. 

But, and here's the rub,  yesterday and especially today, I feel rather blah.  Chemo was on Thursday and usually about 3 days afterwards I'm a little tuckered out and don't quite feel right.   I think between the chemo hangover and being a little low on blood, I'm down.  I'd say this is the unseen or unspoken impact of the myeloma.  There's a general sense of tiredness and a general sense of mental fatigue.  It's a challenge and a constant battle and the old noggin gets worn down.

We passed 21 months since the diagnosis. Doing very well really. But, sheesh, I'd like to have one day when I don't have to take a gazillion pills or I'd like to have one day, when I don't have to play mental tricks on myself to keep moving forward.

It's a bit of a pity party today, and I've invited myself.

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