Friday, February 1, 2013


Every month it's the same.  I have to call the maker of Revlimid and do a survey. Just a few questions about how I use it and restrictions. Then Phan's office orders it and I call the pharmacy to schedule delivery and get a briefing from the pharmacist. It doesn't take long, but it happens every month. Kind of funny, in a way. I don't even listen to what they say at this point. Just an occasional grunt to let them know I'm still on the line and listening.  Just had my pharmacist briefing.

And here's an update on the young patient I saw yesterday. First of all, she's a girl.  She's on her second treatment and is a real trooper, I'm told.  I had to call Phan's office regarding Revlimid and I told my nurse I felt bad about leaving yesterday. She said it was the fine, the girl's mother came right back and they left only 20 minutes after I did.  So that's good. But mental note to myself, to be a little less oblivious and a little quicker with my thought process. Good luck with that though. My brain is transitioning to permanent slow down mode.

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