Sunday, February 24, 2013


Happy Sunday. The day before my least favorite day. But that's ok, I think I should be alright tomorrow. Batteries recharged and ready to hit the salt mines. Bring home that bacon.

It's been about a week and a half since my last chemo. It's been nice. No revlimid, no dex, just the usual assortment of things I take at home. But nothing major. Ergo, therefore and thus, I feel super. Great. Super great.

Thursday it's the start of another cycle of maintenance. So that means Ive got 2 weeks of feeling good, but just a little off. But that is followed by 2 weeks of feeling super great. 

Yesterday, Leslie and I met her brother and his wife at downtown Disney, which is a promenade with restaurants and shops adjacent to Disneyland. We were just planning to meet for dinner, but it turned into a full night at California Adventure, a Disney theme park connected to downtown Disney and Disneyland. The real point is that we did it and stayed at the park until it closed at 11. And I was fine. No problems.Everything good.

This morning I rode my bike to the gym and then to Trader Joes and then home. At the gym, I swam for 30 minutes. Just like that...a normal, good Sunday.

And this means, I am ready. This Friday I ride to work. I ride to work from home and from work to home.  A couple of weeks ago, I picked up my bike from the shop near work and rode home. A year ago or probably more, I drove with Matt Arms and our bikes half way to work and the pedaled the rest of the way. After work that day, I rode a third of the way home and then got a ride home the rest of the way.

This Friday, March 1, one day before my 22nd month anniversary, will be the first time I've made the round trip since before my diagnosis. That's a pretty big deal and I am excited. I suppose that's why I'm not dreading another Monday. No case of the Mondays for me tomorrow. I'm too fired up for Friday to get bogged down in these other meaningless days. High five everybody!

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