Monday, January 14, 2013

Not All Fun & Games

I've been on maintenance for several months now. I've lost count actually.  And I'm doing great. Feel good, numbers holding steady or even improving, in the case of my kidneys. Right now I'm leading a fairly normal life.  Cruise control.  That was always the goal.

Yesterday I tried a new workout. It's part of my lean & mean in 2013.  It involves working out faster, lighter weights, less rest, blah, blah, blah.  I was beat while doing it and this morning I can actually feel soreness in a couple of places....a sign of a good workout.

But, I also did something yesterday that tweaked my back. That something is moving a laundry basket. WTF?  When I was first diagnosed, I learned that a lot of people discover they have myeloma because they break a bone, often in the back, while doing something routine, such as reaching for something on a shelf or carrying a laundry basket.

This morning, the back was still sore, but less so.  However, also this morning Gracie was jumping on the back wall.  We have new neighbors and they have two dogs that can get their heads above the wall and these dogs are constantly jumping up trying to get in our yard. It's annoying. So Gracie tries to match them. She can actually almost get her fat ass to the top of our 6 foot high wall. Well, I saw her jumping this morning and ran outside to get her. And bam, the back totally tightened up, almost took me down with the initial jolt of pain.  Right now, it's aching but a bit better.

I did the bone scan a couple of months ago. My bones aren't too bad. Some osteopenia, as I've mentioned. But nothing horrible.  But now, I'm going to be all worried about my back, waiting for it to feel better, hoping it's just a muscle tweak and not a broken bone. My rational side knows it's just a muscle tweak. It's happened before. The myeloma is under control, so my bones shouldn't be getting worse. They also ought to be holding steady.  But my irrational side thinks "here it is". Here it is, as in here is the myeloma rearing it's ugly head.  But that's just silly and not something I should worry about.  But it is a stark reminder that even though I'm on cruise control and feeling great, it's not all fun and games.  There's an underlying worry that I imagine all myeloma patients have. We have a work assignment to identify our work goals for 2013. I wonder if I can add, not worry about my myeloma to the list of goals.

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