Friday, January 18, 2013

Insomnia, Medicore Rage and Dex

Had treatment today. Dr Phan was super happy. "Happy, happy" as the dad says in Duck Dynasty. All is well. I got my giant dose of steroids. So around 6 pm the rage started to hit. Then at 8 I got tired and slept for 3 hours, the insomnia hit. I worked out in the garage at about midnight. Felt good. I'm trying a new weight routine that is kicking my ass. I never do squats, but this new routine requires squats while holding dumbbells over my head. As many as I can do in 30 seconds. My fricking thighs are sore. Not used to this. But, it's probably a good work out for the big climb and the 70 flights of stairs. Why am I am doing that? Matt Arms and I have been walking the stairs at work. Only 7 flights and I am huffing puffing after that. Multiple that by 10. My blood count is up pretty high, so at least I'm getting a good flow of oxygen through the body.

Today I also a little bit of a break through. I haven't been riding my bike much, even though I can/ I'm not sure why. Before all this, I commuted to work every day by bike. 10 miles each way. Today it hit me, that I really miss riding and pedaling. It's such a good feeling. And driving sometimes is so annoying. So back on the bike I go.

Lastly, in my head I'm weighing options for my next obsession, now that I'm on a Viking hiatus. On the list is Evel Knievel. While he may be no longer with us, I might be able to immerse myself in his achievements. No decision has been made yet. I might have to do a March Madness type bracket. Here's a Evel Knievel quote "You're never a failure until you fail to get up"

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