Monday, January 28, 2013

$^%#*^%( Cold

Here's a funny thing, I've been fighting this ridiculous cold for two weeks. (up until a year ago, I thought ridiculous was spelled ridicules, but spell check never caught it and no one told me I was misusing the word ridicules. Embarrassing, given I take pride in my spelling)  The cold is annoying, I sneeze, I cough and even one day last week I had to go home early to sleep. But really it's just an annoyance and nothing more.

But what is funny, is I don't even hesitate for a second to tell people how much this cold sucks and how much it is pissing me off. I might even follow up a sneeze with "Mother fucker" to express my total disdain for this fricking thing.  But, you know what I don't tell people? About the cancer. If I need someone to reschedule a meeting because I have chemo, I simply give the reason for rescheduling as that I have to take care of some personal business.   When I went home sick last week with the cold, I had to reschedule a meeting and I told people "I feel like fucking crap and need to go home to sleep"


  1. Matt: It's Teresa. I just want to tell you that your blog brings me tears and laughter. I hope you don't feel like "fucking crap" today.


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