Friday, December 14, 2012

Venting? Whining?

Hello all. I'm thinking about my last post. Don't worry, I'm doing great, we've got a program that works. I haven't done labs in over a week. Last lab results show a continued kidney improvement trend. That's our marker. Thumbs up.

Nonetheless, lately I have been thinking about who I am. Essentially I've got a fresh opportunity at life and I don't want blow it. At the same, I'm trying to push myself to write more. It's a good outlet and good way to get creative. So the blog is that forum. Bear with me. I'm not the most open person but the writing is my chance to open up.

I've also had a talk with myself. Perhaps I need to vent less. I might be bordering on whining. Nobody wants that. I need to go for it. I need to be positive. #yes!

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