Tuesday, December 4, 2012

port news

hello everyone.  Today is devoted to medical stuff. I have maintenance chemo this afternoon. That means for the next 24-48 hours I'll be high on steroids.  This morning I have to go get a xray of my port. It's less achy but still achy and I'm still a little swollen where the tube dips over the clavicle. Berenson's nurse, Regina, thinks it might have shifted a bit and isn't in the correct location. The x ray will answer that. If it's not? Well I guess it has to be fixed or removed. A lot of folks undergoing chemo don't ever get a port. They'd rather just get repeated pokes in the arm. I've come to appreciate my port. It's a bit of a security blanket. So we'll see what happens.  As  reminder, the port is placed just under the skin on the upper chest and looks like this:

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