Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Port News Part Deux

Well, yesterday turned into an interesting day. Interesting in that it turned into a bit of reminder of how far we've come over the past 19 months.  Started the day off at my primary care doctor's office to get a tetanus and diptheria shot...TDap. I hadn't been to my primary care in over a year, so I'm told. I have no recollection of being there a year ago. I do recall going there before I was diagnosed. He was testing me for TB and had given me a test injection in the arm. I was waiting in a hall, standing. Waiting for someone to look at my arm. And I remember being so fricking tired just standing there, that I was ready to lie down on the floor to sleep. I had never experienced such tiredness before.

The TDap was followed by xrays of my a different location than doctor's office. That was a lot of waiting. Thank god for twitter keeping me occupied. Although my phone battery runs down way to quickly. Old phone, old battery.

Then I went home for about an hour and then we went to Phan's for day one of the latest maintenance cycle. Phan already had the xrays and these showed my port to still be in place. But it still aches and was red where the tube dips below the clavicle. So Phan's concern was infection, although I have no symptoms of an infection. But he decided I should get an ultrasound to see if there was some sort of puss filled abscess underneath the skin. Till we had the port figured out, he delayed chemo to Thursday. I hate missing or delaying a single treatment. This is common with most cancer patients. It's a nerve wracking feeling. Leslie and Phan talked me off the ledge and I agreed to wait a couple of days.

So instead of chemo, we walked across the street to community hospital for the ultrasound.  We. stopped in to say hi to two nurses who have given me probably twenty transfusions. Linda and Patti are their names and sympathetic nursing is their game. They are so fricking nice, and seeing them reminded me of some of the amazing people I've met on this journey. I haven't had a transfusion in months and months.  Anyhow, had the ultrasound. The tech let me watch and we saw no sign of an abscess. That's good. It's possible that since I am working out, the area is getting irritated simply because the tube is moving around while I work out.  A radiologist will look at it, talk to Phan, and I should be good to go for Thursday. Getting the ultrasound remined me of the time at memorial hospital when I got a late night ultrasound and they forgot me in a dark room. That was darn scary.

The end result of the day is that everything seems to be fine and we'll get back on schedule Thursday.

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