Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cure Talk Panel Discussion with Dr B

For anyone interested in hearing Dr Berenson discuss his methods and philosophy, this a great listen actually. I had the chance to ask him a couple of questions.  And I'll be seeing him tomorrow. 

Listen Here to Doctor Berenson

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  1. I was diagnosed in Dec. of 2011 and had 10 compression fractures in my vertebrae. I thought the pain was a result of a golf injury and went 4 mos before finally being wheeled into the ER unable to stand. I had Kyphoplasty filling 3 fractures and began immediate radiation therapy to relieve the pain. Since Dec. '11, I have had 4 cycles of different chemo and added 2 more fractures. Today, I have now completed 5-days of DPACE and underwent stem cell collection. I am scheduled for a Tandem Transplant beginning mid-December '12. It is and will be a journey!


Berenson Oncology Success Rate

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