Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Skeletal survey

Whew..done with the bone survey and bone density tests. The bone survey is xrays of the whole body, head to toe. The density test is a machine that kind of looks like an mri machine. I'm pretty claustrophobic, so I was worried about that one. Being trapped, frightening to say the least.. But the machine isn't fully enclosed and it was a quick process, so no problems. Should have the results in a couple of days.

Got my labs today in preparation for Friday with Berenson.  Everything holding steady after 3 cycles of maintenance. Protein is down a bit, which is good for the kidneys, which are also holding steady. It's all about the best I could ask for.

Had a chat with myself over the past couple of days. Needed to get out of my head and think about other stuff. Have a couple of projects in mind that I want to get going on.

Until later...over and out.


Berenson Oncology Success Rate

 Some reading about my myeloma specialist's success rate. A press release and an article from Targeted Oncology.