Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, it's Monday, my least favorite day of the week.  Thursday we see Berenson and Levine, the new kidney doctor.  All should be good. Friday I got my preliminary blood results.  Hemoglobin good. Creatin holding steady at 4.4.  Now just waiting for protein counts.  I'm sure both doctors will say to keep doing what I'm doing.

A little grumpy today...particularly bothered by the financial, physical, mental part of this.  Yes, I'm doing great. But fuck, guess I'll be doing maintenance for a long time. Steroids are making me puffy and fat. Saw a side picture of me and my pregnant  looking gut was sticking out and I've got a good double chin going.  superficial, yes. but bugs me nonetheless.  In a couple of weeks, we see the dentist, which is good given I've got a funky tooth and I am finding my teeth are a little sensitive to cold food & drinks. That's new.

On the positive front, Leslie and I are taking a mini honeymoon down to Mexico in a beach house owned by my house. It's a gift from my Mom...we're super excited. Planning to spend a whole lot of time in the water. Pool and ocean. Borrow some fins, etc to do a little bit of snorkeling.

And that's it. fun stuff, eh?

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