Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Age is creeping around the corner

Well, got the result of my skeletal survey and full body x rays.   For the most part, everything looks good, joints are good, blah, blah.  But the bone density test did show osteopenia in my back. Osteopenia is a pre cursor to osteoporosis......loss of bone density.  Likely I'm experiencing osteopenia due to all the steroids I get which inhibit bone growth/rejuvenation.  Such a fine juggling act, this myeloma. I need the steroids to keep the disease in check, but here come side effects.  On the positive side,  we're in the chronic phase of the disease and we actually have time now to worry about these other things.

There are meds to take which help bone strength and growth. But a hiccup there is my kidneys, which might not be able to handle some of the bone drugs. Next week is the kidney doctor along with Berenson, so we'll talk about the options. I have no pain and really wouldn't notice the osteopenia. But it's something we need to keep our eyes on and keep in check.

Also important are weight bearing exercise and getting sufficient calcium & vitamin.  Curiously, swimming and bike riding are non weight bearing.  So more walking and strength training for me. I've been swimming regularly, and will keep doing it, but I just have to recognize that it doesn't replace the weight bearing stuff. 

I've also got a tooth that is looking a little funky, probably a result of the chemo.  I need to get to the dentist and have it checked out.

Ironic,  I've always been young for my age. But definitely starting feel like I am now old for my age. All these little things.  So, we keep forging ahead.

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