Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Turned 51 yesterday. World of difference from my 50th birthday. The 50th was nice, with my mom throwing a party with friends and family. But I wasn't quite out of the woods yet. For my 51st, I worked half day followed by maintenance chemo. I believe it's the start of cycle 4. The cycle number is becoming less relevant as we move forward.. Maintenance is becoming a thing I do. Like breathing or going to the gym. Part of my overall health routine. Talked to Dr Phan. He said the skeletal survey wasn't back yet. Naturally part of me thinks he just wasn't telling me, because it was my birthday. I doubt that, but you know how the brain works. The results aren't important in terms of my treatment, but is key for me and my peace of mind.  Creatinin is 4.46....trending down, improving kidneys. As long as I watch my diet and more importantly, as long as we keep the myeloma created protein down, we ought to have continued improvement.

After chemo Leslie and I did go out to eat. Nachos! Something  I've been craving but can't have. One splurge day ought to be ok. Nachos were followed by a pedicure. Pretty fricking relaxing. Tonight it's insomnia due to my steroids.

Work has been fun this week. Interviewing bike path consultants. My favorite project is finally moving ahead. Friday night is a trivia bowl event that our communications group is participating in. i was able to convince them that  I'm a trivia whiz. I used to be, but my brain is a bit foggy of I'm a little worried that facts will get stuck in my head at the event. But I guess we shall see.

We talked to Phan about my forgetfulness. It can happen from chemo. Chemo brain.....perhaps after18 months, it is setting in. His suggestion...less tv, more brain simulating activity. I'm on it. Lastly thanks for so many birhday wishes...means a whole lot. Phan's office even gave me a card which almost brought tears to my eyes. They are so darn nice and are part of the reason why all this is doable.

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  1. Time for a hobby! Good for the brain.
    A nice number - 51. Love, Mom


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